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These smokers are great for home use, but also professional use and competitions.  They are extremely efficient, incredibly well insulated, offer even cooking and are easy to use.  The result - the best bbq'd smoked meat and fish. 

We are keenly interested in all things bbq.  While we love grilling, we also love to smoke!  We have been working on our new gravity-fed smokers for some time, to perfect them and to make sure they cook as they should.  

Gravity fed smokers use an indirect heat source.  The charcoal is lit in a shoot to the side of the cooking chamber.  The shoot is made in such a way that only the bottom coals are burned, providing a controlled continuous fire.  The shoot takes up to **kg of lump wood or bricketts, and burns for about **hours.  You can also mix in wood chips, or add wood to the firebox to help add flavour.  The airflow draws the heat and smoke from the shoot through the firebox to the cooking chamber, where they rise upwards and evenly to cook and smoke the meat.  As it rises the heat circulates around the chamber giving a controlled constant temperature throughout the cook.  The temperature is controlled via the ball valve and the vent. 

These features allow for an effective and efficient cooking process, resulting in beautifully smoked food. 

As with everything we make, we use high quality, heavy duty materials, producing a high quality smoker that is built to last!

A variety of colours are available for the finish, and we can do custom builds if required.