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About Us

SOLUS GRILLS - We were the first company to craft Argentine grills in the UK. We are an independent British business, producing high quality handmade bespoke grills.  See our product pages to choose a grill style of your choice, and feel free to get in touch to discuss different barbecue options and to gain a

no-obligation quote.  

OUR STORY - We began producing Argentine BBQ's, called parilla's, after a client, who had spent many years in Argentina, asked if we could make one. Our story is simple, recognising what the grills are capable of producing and their versatility, in terms of food from fire to fork, we were hooked. The rest, as they say, is history. We now provide customisable BBQs, for both the domestic and commercial market, not only nationally, but internationally, and haven't looked back since.  

WHY ARE THESE GRILLS SO GOOD? - Originating from Argentina, this style of grill allows the chef to control the heat from the glowing embers to the food, without the risk of overcooking. The wood fire, be it oak, beech, birch or fruit woods such as apple, cherry, hickory, all add flavour and contribute to an amazing experience and truly mouth-watering food. These barbecues are a pleasure to cook on, offering versatility, allowing you to grill meats, fish and even veggies to perfection! 

And they look amazing too - you would be proud to own one of these grills!  

We offer shipping around the UK and internationally.

Grill destinations include Ireland, France, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway,  Sweden, Belgium, Holland the USA and Australia!

As well as taking payment by bank transfer, we now accept payment by credit or debit card too.


Best Quality BBQ's

We handcraft traditional Argentine grills for people's homes, commercial barbecue's for indoor and outdoor and kitchens and mobile catering grills.  We also take on custom bbq projects for those looking for something a bit different.

All our grills are handcrafted here in Norfolk.  We use the best quality materials, and all are engineered to the highest specifications.