Our standard barbecues are made for both home and commercial use.  All our grills are based on traditional Argentine parillas and have a height adjustable grill, and all are customisable. 

Our standard grills come in 3 sizes, 60cm, 90cm and 1.2m (grill width, not overall size).  

However, all can be made to measure if required.


From £1,375 inc vat for mild steel unit (£1,146 exc vat)

(picture shows full mild steel version)

This bbq, is the grill only model, without the brasero (fire basket), and fits into brick, block, etc surround.

Choose whether you want the wheel on the left or the right.

Home BBQ Grill


From £1,710 inc vat for mild steel unit (£1,425 exc vat)

(picture shows full stainless steel version)

Similar to the Clasico, this bbq has a grill but also a brasero (fire basket),and fits into brick, block etc surround as shown.

Choose if you want the brasero at the back of the grill, or to the side, and whether you want the wheel on the left or the right.


From £1,460 with no brasero inc vat for mild steel unit 

(£1,217 exc vat)

From £1,735 with brasero inc vat for mild steel unit 

(£1,446 exc vat)

(pictures show full mild steel unit with 3 sides & full stainless version with 4 sides)

Our NEW tabletop grill with or without a stand-alone brasero (fire basket).  This is designed to be stood on a worktop or in a chimney.  The stand can be four-sided, or 3 being open at the front, and the wheel can be to the left or right of the grill. As this grill sits on a flat surface and has no fixing points it can be moved to various locations if required. 



From £1,835 inc vat for mild steel unit (£1,529 exc vat)

(picture shows full mild steel version

with stainless steel grill surface/v-shaped bars)

This parilla, is designed to fit in a chimney.  It has a stand-alone brasero (fire basket), which is placed to the side of the grill.

The wheel sits on the outside of the chimney – choose whether you want it on the left or the right.


From £2,480 inc vat for mild steel unit (£2,067 exc vat)

(picture shows full mild steel version)

Our all in one mobile bbq.  The grill and brasero, sit in a pan lined with fire bricks, on a wheeled trolley. Choose whether you want the brasero (fire basket) at the back or to the side, and whether you want the wheel on the left or the right.

Mobile BBQ Grill
Uruguyan Grill


From £595 inc vat for mild steel unit (£496 exc vat)

(picture shows full mild steel version)

This is a simple, but effective grill. Designed to be used on the ground, on a platform/worktop or in a chimney. Its works on the same principle as Argentine grills. Has a fire basket, and the grill can be used flat, or used at two different angles to control cooking temperatures.

Our barbeques are generally made out of mild steel, finished in black heat-resistant paint. 

But if you prefer we can also make them out of stainless steel. 

We make our grills for the domestic market and commercial and professional kitchens, whether it be for an inside or outside kitchen.  But if you are looking for something a bit different, we can take on bespoke builds, if so click here for more info on our custom grills.  We also make mobile catering barbeque grills for outside caterers, click here for more details on what we can do. 

All the grills are customisable, and can have the following extras, such as stainless steel grill surfaces, chapa's (flat cooking plate), canopies, shelves, cupboards, and we can also supply covers, companion sets (consisting of a poker, rake and shovel) and cleaning tools.


All are made to order and to our customer's requirements, and are built to last a lifetime!

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